Healthy Substance is a family owned restaurant that was originated in the welcoming community of Garfield Ridge!

We have been opened ever since August of 2018 and showcasing our ideas and values of what we believe makes a restaurant great. Delicious food and friendly faces! We only serve vegan and vegetarian food where almost all of our dishes are based out of the flavorful country of Mexico!


Our story begins in the place where our founder Patricia Gonzalez grew up, Guadalajara! During her childhood, she stayed at home and helped her mother make meals for the rest of her family. Patricia never saw this as a chore because she found at a young age that cooking is her passion.

Ever since then she has always learned new recipes and looking for new ways to make her food even better! For decades she continued to grow and develop her art until she moved to Chicago, IL in 2004.

For years Patricia has stayed at home like her mother helping feed her husband and three kids where they claim that their mom was a “stay at home 5-star chef!”. Years later when her husband faced a serious illness, she was devoted to finding a way to help her husband. She then looked into all of the wonderful benefits that a Vegan diet comes with and she was sold from that moment on. She took months trying to recreate every dish that she loved into a vegan one without losing its integrity and core flavors.

When her husband finally got better, they introduced a weekly dinner date every Thursday to appreciate each other even more! She started to notice that at almost every restaurant that they attended she would not be able to find and a vegan dish that she would be able to enjoy. From then on, the idea of Healthy Substance was born.

Patricia went to culinary school to learn the core processes of how to run a business in the food industry and with the support of her family, friends, and team of chefs she finally was able to achieve her dream of opening her own restaurant in August of 2018.

We truly hope that you enjoy Healthy Substance where we believe that delicious food and friendly faces can make a great place for everyone to enjoy!


All of us at Healthy Substance are driven by the same mission and that is to provide a fantastic experience to each of our customers by doing our absolute best on our core values: delicious vegan food and great customer service.

We are a rapidly growing diverse company that is moving a lot quicker than even we expected. We are thankful for our great customers and promise that we will continue to make sure that every Healthy Substance is a place where everyone can enjoy great vegan food and feel the most welcome!