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Monday: Vodka & Gin Happy Hour

Step into our Happy Hour, where eco meets elegance. Tonight, we spotlight Vodka and Gin - spirits as smooth as our commitment to sustainability. Sip on our plant-based concoctions, each a tribute to our love for the planet and its inhabitants. Here, every toast is a step towards a greener, kinder world. Join us in this celebration of taste, responsibility, and style. Cheers to a better future, one exquisite drink at a time!

Valid Only Thru 3pm - 7pm 

House Cocktails are all $10! While you're here we strongly suggest you try yourself a delicious entree or at least a $1.99 mini burrito! 100% Vegan (of course) and 100% delicious (double of course)!

$8 Martini

A true classic. Our Martini mixes gin and vodka with a splash of dry vermouth and orange liquor. Shaken well and served in a cool coupe with an orange twist. It’s the timeless drink everyone loves, made just right.

$8 Stone Fruit Delight

Try something different with our Stone Fruit Delight. It’s vodka with apricot liqueur and a bit of Campari, plus a dash of lime. Stirred quickly and served in a coupe. It’s a fruity, exciting mix that’s full of flavor.

$8 Gimlet

Simple and refreshing. Choose gin or vodka, mixed with fresh lime and sweet syrup. Served cold in a coupe glass, with an optional sugar rim. It’s a straightforward drink that's always a hit.

$8 Lemon Drop

Enjoy the zesty Lemon Drop. It’s a mix of gin or vodka and lemon, balanced with sweet syrup. Shake it up, serve it in a chilled coupe, and add a sugar rim if you like. A fun, tangy treat that's sure to please.

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