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4 Easy Solutions To Common Problems Vegans Face

Vegan cuisine in Chicago is arguably some of the best in the world. Although, making the choice to become a vegan isn’t always easy. For starters, you have to change your diet around completely, get used to new flavors, and find new ways to get enough protein into every meal. There are other difficult factors like eating out and ensuring that no dishes were cooked with butter or milk. It isn’t always an easy road, but you have the comfort of knowing the entire community is behind you and we understand the struggles you are facing. Below, we’ve compiled a few tips to make your journey as a vegan even easier.

Ask your server what they cook your meal with.

Butter is a common culprit for vegan diets, always lurking around the corner and ready to strike. While in the comfort and control of your own kitchen, butter isn’t a threat, but while you're out, restaurants will sometimes sneak it into meals. A great way to combat this is to request it be cooked with olive oil.

For lack of flavor in vegan dishes.

The flavor that comes with cheeses, butter, and meat are hard to emulate in vegan dishes, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with a mundane meal. Try to add salty foods like olives that have a lot of flavor or sun-dried tomatoes to spice up some interest. Cayenne pepper and other types of spices can also make any dish more interesting. Try to be creative and with seasonings and you’ll most likely stumble upon something delicious!

Milk in coffee shops.

This is a common problem most vegans can relate to. Sometimes your order will be distorted in the midst of a busy day and the barista will not use soy in your coffee. To prevent this from happening, try to keep an eye on your order if you can and don’t be afraid to speak up if your order is incorrect. If you frequent a particular coffee shop and know the baristas, this shouldn’t be a problem once they know your order. Remember, speaking up is never rude if you do it politely!

Non-vegan fryers and ovens.

Not all kitchens are strictly vegan, even if they offer vegan options on the menu. In non-vegan kitchens you always run the risk of vegan food being prepared in the same fryers and ovens used for non-vegan. Make sure you pay close attention to the menu to determine if they have vegan cooking apparatuses in the kitchen. There should always be a footnote somewhere at the bottom of the menu with indicating this.

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