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Looking For Vegan Office Catering In Chicago?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We’re all aware of the personal and environmental benefits of eating vegan. From improved kidney function and lower blood pressure to a significantly lower carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that many Chicagoans are eating vegan in the office for World Vegan Month this November. Whether you want to nourish your Chicago office with vegan catering, throw a casual office party or just get a late-night office dinner, Healthy Substance is here to cater to your every vegan craving. World Vegan Month is celebrated to acknowledge how far vegan food has come and how we can all make small but meaningful changes to help our planet as well as improve our lifestyles.

Why Vegan?

There’s a misconception that vegan food is bland and boring, but eating vegan doesn’t have to lack excitement and flavor. Healthy Substance has been leading the movement and working hard to change that narrative. There’s a delicious vegan version of almost every cuisine out there, including Mexican. Healthy Substance, which serves delicious vegan Mexican food, is one of Chicago’s top-ranked restaurants! Voted #57 on Yelp’s ‘Top 100 Places to Eat in 2020’ we are changing the landscape of what vegan food looks and tastes like, one yummy vegan taco at a time.

Our Delicious Food

If you’re thinking about catering lunch for your office and want to change it up, Healthy Substance can deliver a delicious lunch for your employees. With amazing flavors bursting from every bite, they’ll be delighted to realize that it just might taste better than the usual meat lunches they’re used to. In fact, they may not even notice that they’re feasting on a vegan burrito and will continue to choose the vegan option when they may not have previously done so. Everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan meal, even if they’re usually a meat-eater. We have all the classics, from tamales and nachos to smoothies and scrumptious desserts. And everything is vegan including our delicious vegan cheese.

Vegan Holiday Options

With the holidays right around the corner, you may have already started thinking about holiday lunch ideas and parties for your office. While these events are usually filled with many different types of meats, opting for a guilt-free vegan Mexican dinner that won’t leave you feeling bloated and lethargic is a great option. Having vegan options in addition to meat ones will leave everyone in the office happy and maybe even expand the palates of a few employees! Everyone can afford to eat less meat around the holidays — even diehard meat eaters. Healthy Substance can deliver a vegan, mouth-watering holiday feast right to your office door.

Try Vegan with Us!

So many Chicagoans are choosing to eat vegan and it’s obvious why — you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health. Healthy Substance allows you to have your usual Mexican food favorites without animal products. Whether it’s just one meal a week or a complete lifestyle change, Healthy Substance is here to help you keep your diet healthy and your tastebuds happy. With World Vegan Month halfway through, there is still time to celebrate it in your office by eating delicious vegan food from Healthy Substance.

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