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World Vegan Month: Go Vegan With Chicago’s Best Vegan Restaurant

“Going vegan” is a concept many Americans are familiar with. But, because Americans are so used to an animal-based diet, shifting to a plant-powered diet can be challenging—and even scary for some.

Healthy Substance is here to make the exploration and transition easier (and tastier!) for those who are shifting to a vegan diet for November’s World Vegan Month. As the best vegan restaurant in Chicago, we’re proud to offer a delicious, nutritious, and completely animal-free diet to Chicagoans. Here’s why going vegan with Healthy Substance is a breeze, and how you can enjoy the transition to a plant-based diet for World Vegan Month.

Why plants?

I didn’t grow up eating a vegan diet. I learned how to cook and prepare meals by helping my mother in the kitchen in our home in Guadalajara, Mexico. Without developing a love for cooking this early on in my life, I’m not sure I ever would have discovered the joy of cooking.

Decades later, my husband and I moved to Chicago, where my life changed in many ways. But the most profound change came when my husband developed a serious illness. I knew that he needed optimal nutrition to fully recover, and that’s when I began researching the benefits of a vegan diet. I then began transforming traditional Mexican dishes into delicious, healthy vegan versions that he and our children loved.

To celebrate my husband’s recovery and to spend quality time together, we began eating out each Thursday. But to our dismay, we found that few restaurants had a vegan item—and that’s when I knew that I could make a difference in Chicago’s food scene. At that moment, the idea for what is now the best vegan restaurant in Chicago was born.

Celebrating health with delicious vegan dishes

One of the biggest hurdles many people need to clear on the path to going vegan is to understand that, just because a dish is meat-free, it doesn’t mean that it is flavor-free! The idea that vegan food is not as flavorful as animal-based dishes is simply not true, and our amazing menu confirms it.

We want everyone who is considering going vegan for World Vegan Month in November—whether they’re trying it for a month or plan to continue afterward—that adopting a vegan diet is much easier than they may have thought!

Serving up classics—vegan-style

I didn’t want Healthy Substance to be just any vegan restaurant. I lovingly recreated authentic dishes I learned to make years ago to deliver the tastiest, healthiest vegan alternatives to dishes our diners recognize and love.

I’m convinced that more people would switch to a vegan diet if they only knew how easy and delicious the move could be. It’s my mission to spread this awareness through love and a wide menu that makes going vegan simpler and less intimidating than doing it solo.

When you eat at Healthy Substance (or order your food to take home to your family) you’ll quickly see just how delicious going vegan can be!

Celebrate World Vegan Month with Healthy Substance

Whether you’ve been vegan-curious for some time or you’re completely new to plant-based diets, World Vegan Month is an excellent opportunity to explore flavors you love—created with love, and the healthiest ingredients available. Come discover why we’re the best vegan restaurant in Chicago, and learn how simple going vegan can be.

Reach out to us to learn more about us and how we can help simplify your transition to a plant-based diet during November’s World Vegan Month.

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