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$1.99 Tacos,
Dine-in Only 

Savor our $1.99 special on gourmet vegan tacos at Healthy Substance! Available exclusively for dine-in at our new Wicker Park and Garfield Ridge locations, each taco offers a burst of flavor and culinary craftsmanship. From Al Pastor to Carne Asada, Chorizo, and Rajas & Cheese, enjoy these delights at a fantastic price. Visit us for an unmatched dining experience that's both delicious and affordable.


Is there a limit?

Nope order 1 or 20, totally up to you!

Is it a 1 day sale?

No it's from December 8th to January 21st!

is the offer valid all day?

Yes, from open to close we got you with 1.99 tacos!

Does this apply for both restaurants?

Yes Archer Ave and Milwaukee Ave are both participating in this great deal!

How much are they normally?

$3.99 per taco!

Does this apply to take out?

No only for dine in, takeout or delivery is the normal price.

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 1.25.27 AM.png

Visit today!

Click here for information on Garfield Ridge Kitchen


Click Here for information on Wicker Park Cantina 

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