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Healthy Substance Vegan Al Pastor


1 Lb of Vegan Healthy Substance Al Pastor

2-3 day shipping included

(Al pastor ships frozen in temperature insulated packaging across the continental United States)

Same Al Pastor we use at the restaurant

Makes 10-12 CDMX style tortilla tacos (small tortilla)

Makes 4-6 regular tortilla tacos (medium-sized tortilla)                                                                       

Healthy Substance is a 100% Vegan Mexican business founded by Mexican immigrant Patricia Gonzalez in 2017. Our story begins when Patrica turned vegan in 2010 and to her surprise most of her favorite dishes are no longer available for her to eat. The one dish that made the biggest impact? Al Pastor. She wasn't going to allow that to be her problem so she made her own. What started as a personal/family stash of homemade vegan al pastor began to sprout into a core piece of our business.

After a few years of experimenting with different styles and flavors we realized that our product is bigger than just delicious al pastor. We found that our product is not just for the benefit of animals but humans and our ecosystem as well. It became simple. The more we produced the more lives were saved in the process. We already achieved our goal of delicious flavor. Now it's time for: operation save the pigs.

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