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Vegan burrito bowl with a Vegan steak burrito and a vegan al pastor taco and a vegan carne asada taco

Exploring the Vegan Side of 
Mexico's healthy cuisine 

Operation: Save the Animals A pig, cow, and chicken on a grass field

Animals are no longer needed in Mexican food.
We're here to prove that.

Traditional flavors.png

Traditional Flavors

Originated from Mexico.png

Originated from Mexico

None of the violence.png

None of the violence

Great alternative.png

Great alternative for your heart

Environmentally sustainable.png

Environmentally sustainable food

Our Signature Dishes

Vegan Burrito



Carne Asada Burrito

Vegan Nachos



Supreme Nachos with Carne Asada

Vegan Torta



Carne Asada Torta

Vegan Tacos



Al Pastor & Carne Asada Tacos

Vegan Flautas



Potato & Chorizo Flautas




Chilaquiles with vegan egg rice and beans

Family dinner
Owners of Healthy Substance

Family Dinner

Pictured right to left: Camerino, Patricia, & Miguel

Short Story from our Founder Patricia Gonzalez

"My story begins in the place where I grew up, Guadalajara, Jalisco! During my childhood, I stayed at home and helped my mom make meals for the rest of the family. I never saw this as a chore because I found at a young age that cooking is my passion. Ever since then I've learned new recipes and looked for new ways to make food even better! For decades I continued to grow and develop my love of cooking. Then, I met my husband and moved to Chicago in 2004." 

We hope you visit!

Vegan woman having Vegan tacos from healthy substance

First Vegan restaurant at Lollapalooza Chicago, IL 2022

We’ve Got Fans

“AMAZING. I'm not vegan but I always like to try something off the beaten path, and I have been here 4 times now! ”

Ozma Lane

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