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Healthy Substance is a Vegan Mexican brand in the southwest side of Chicago, Garfield Ridge. Our mission is to save Pigs, Cows, and Chickens overall animals from the meat industry by producing delicious, cost effective, plant based proteins that replace the need to have animals in Mexican cuisine.

Vegan Mexican food platter from healthy substance

Our Al Pastor Tacos

Illustration of Patricia, a woman in her 30s with a determined expression, in a brightly lit kitchen surrounded by vegan ingredients. She's actively preparing Al Pastor tacos using soy. The kitchen is adorned with traditional Mexican elements. On the counter, next to the plate of tacos, there's a framed photograph of her husband, a man in his 60s, which serves as a touching reminder of her journey and the reason she embarked on this mission.

In 2018 we opened our first location,

But that's not where our story begins. In 2012 Patricia (Founder) was devastated by news of her husbands cancer diagnosis. She immediately began doing research and found that a vegan diet + treatment can do miracles. Her challenge was to convince her husband who owned and ate from traditional Mexican restaurants all his life to suddenly switch to a vegan diet. So she got to work.

Traditional flavors.png

She had recreated his favorite food.

She made Al Pastor tacos but instead of using pork, she used soy and was ready to have the family try it out. She invited everybody over for taco night and to avoid preconceived notions, she didn't tell anyone that what she was serving was vegan. Everyone loved the food and didn't notice a thing, not even her restaurateur husband. From then on the idea of Healthy Substance was born.

6 years later

Healthy Substance “The Vegan side of Mexico'' opened! Offering popular traditional Mexican cuisine for those who want to enjoy a healthier version of their favorite foods. We started as a small 4 table restaurant yet, 2 years after opening we got recognized by yelp as a top 100 place to eat in America. Thats when we felt we had a special opportunity.

Operation: Save the Animals
Our mission drives us to put our best effort towards those affected. Farm animals don't deserve whats happening to them. We start by transitioning animals out of Mexican cuisine. We make food that keeps them, alive.


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