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Get Your January Detox Going With The Best Vegan Restaurant In Chicago

With what feels like a season with parties every weekend, the holiday season is the time of year that it’s common to overindulge in food. It can feel more like the “eating season.” An overabundance of sweets and massive spreads of delicious food. It’s normal if you feel like you need some kind of detox from everything when January rolls around.

The new year is a great time to get started on self-improvement or to make a lifestyle

change that you’ve been wanting. Start the year out right with a fresh detox from the eating season. Healthy Substance is among the best vegan restaurants in Chicago, IL and we have some tips to help you get your detox underway with the start of the new year.

Eliminate the negative

Part of improving your overall health and well-being with detox is eliminating the negativity that comes with unhealthy and overly heavy foods. Even some vegan foods can be eliminated to help get rid of the bloating that comes with heavy eating in December. Some foods that you might want to consider eliminating while starting your vegan detox include:

  • caffeine

  • alcohol

  • corn

  • white rice

  • soy

  • refined sugar

By detoxing your body from food items like these, you allow your body to rest and recover from the holiday season. It’s also a good time to try eliminating other foods if you’ve been having digestive issues so you can narrow down where the problems are coming from.

Bring in the positive

While eating a vegan diet, there are certain foods that should be eaten every day in order to ensure that you’re getting the maximum nutritional benefit. If you’re not already, be sure to integrate these five foods into your diet.

  • legumes

  • fruit

  • dark, leafy greens

  • nuts

  • whole grains

Each of these food items provides the proper nutrients that you need to make sure that you’re still getting a high level of nutrients during your detox. Eating more of these particular foods will help to keep your digestive system regular and provide you with enough iron to prevent anemia.

Let Healthy Substance do it for you

At Healthy Substance, we understand that going vegan in Chicago isn’t the easiest thing for everyone. Our city is known for some of the meatiest dishes you can find, but we’ve made it our quest to be the best vegan restaurant in Chicago by providing everyone with great tasting vegan Mexican food.

We’re here to help you start the new year on a positive note. Focus on your health with a vegan detox. Whether you’re new to the vegan lifestyle or looking for something new, Healthy Substance is proud to offer some of the best vegan dishes around.

Take a look at the menu and place your order today. If you’re unsure about anything on our menu, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 773-306-2808. We offer dine-in, catering, and delivery, so get your January detox started right with Healthy Substance.

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