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Healthy Substance: Vegan Cuisine Catering In Chicago

You may know Healthy Substance as a Mexican restaurant specializing in vegan dishes. You may know us as one of Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in America. Or you may just know us as that spot in Garfield Ridge that serves really great food.

But did you know that we offer catering too?

Keep reading to learn about the dishes we offer, and why catering with vegan cuisine is a great choice for your next event.

Benefits of eating vegan

Compared to many animal-heavy Western diets full of fats and protein, vegan diets are full of nutrients like fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. They’re also low in saturated fats and cholesterol, which helps to reduce your risk of heart disease and may help prevent cancer.

Vegan diets are also more likely to help you lose weight, even if you don’t follow them to a T, because they reduce the amount of calories you consume in every meal.

Going vegan also helps the environment. The animals we eat take up a lot of resources and space to raise, and this contributes to air pollution while also putting a strain on the earth. Of course, following a vegan lifestyle also reduces the need to raise animals for food — saving them from unethical practices like factory farming and needless animal cruelty.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider making the switch to vegan food — or at least eating vegan from time to time. Cater your next event with vegan cuisine to extend these benefits to the people you care about too.

A look at our catering menu

While many Mexican dishes are already vegan, over the years we’ve learned to make authentic vegan versions of classics like tamales, gorditas, and flautas.

Taste our poblano pepper tamales, with four different kinds of pepper (poblano, green bell, jalapeno, and guero) as well as onions. You’ll also want to try our Impossible carne asada tacos, featuring Impossible meat, the ground beef substitute that’s growing more and more popular in vegan food circles. One bite of this, and you’ll be asking yourself if you’re actually eating meat after all.

Wash it all down with freshly squeezed orange or carrot juice, or indulge in a fresh fruit water featuring orange, horchata, lime, chia seeds, and pineapple.

And, of course, no meal is complete without dessert. Try one (or two or three) of our dessert offerings, like rice pudding, banana cake, or pumpkin muffins. You’ll also want to try our polvoron cookies — crumbly shortbread cookies dusted with powdered sugar, also known as Mexican wedding cookies.

Best of all, everything we offer is vegan, so you can try a bit of everything without feeling guilty about it. So the question is: What are you waiting for?

Learn more about catering for vegan cuisine

Whether you’re hosting a party that needs catering or a business owner treating your employees to lunch, choose Healthy Substance for a meal your friends and colleagues won’t forget.

Not only is vegan food good for you and the environment, you’ll have a hard time finding anything like our vegan Mexican dishes elsewhere.

Contact us to book us for your next event, or send us a message for any questions or concerns you have about our menu.

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